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Are you looking for more than just a photographer that takes great pictures? Maybe you are wanting a more personal experience, or even someone to hold your hand every step of the way! Do you envision more than just some digital files on a thumb drive sitting in your desk drawer? Do you want your portraits to actually be seen, to become masterpieces in your home for you and your children to be able to look at every day? Then I am the right girl for you! I will help you through the process of documenting your family! Your family portraits will become heirloom pieces, treasured for generations! 

With me you will get a lot more than just a photographer that takes great pictures, you will gain a new friend and an entire experience! My style of photography is very relaxed and fun, as I like to capture the raw moments and the true emotions of your life.  I want you to be able to look back at your photos and feel like you are truly in that moment all over again.

As a mommy of three myself, I know just how hectic life is. It is difficult to take time out of our busy lives to document them and make sure we are capturing these crazy memories along the way. Let me do all the work for you! I hold your hand each step of the way... through planning your shoot, deciding what to wear, choosing locations. I even become your new interior decorator and help you pick out the best pieces of artwork for your walls! Best of all, I make the entire process fun! Even the dads have a blast, promise. ;) 

My Story

Well, I know it is a rare find around here these days, but I am a native to Mt. Juliet! My husband and I were both raised here back when it was a little old country town and we both graduated from MJHS & MTSU.

When my husband and I started our family, I fell in love with photographing every tiny detail of our newborn son. I wanted to remember every inch of him so tiny and new. He grew so fast! I had always had a love for the camera, but it was then that I decided to dive in and follow my passion for photography.

In January of 2012 Christie Lynn Photography was born. It wasn't long into my journey that I realized I had a love of capturing families and telling their stories.  Then I decided to do something crazy... I chose to specialize in teeny tiny newborns! I wanted to learn everything I possibly could to perfect my craft and find my own style. Newborn photography is not for everyone, and it takes a lot of patience and hard work perfecting each little pose. I absolutely love photographing babies and have traveled all over learning from the very best newborn photographers from around the world.

Photography is not only my passion but it is my outlet in life and it gives me a sense of me.   I am so thankful to my husband, Tim, who has supported me 100% in following this dream of mine.  My ultimate goal in life is to be the best darn wife and mother I can possibly be.  The second is to take this passion I have and give a little piece of it to you through your photos.  I would love to be your family photographer so that I can capture all of your life's most precious moments.

Feel free to take a looksee around my site.  Here you will learn a lot about me and get a good sense of my style of photography.  And don’t be shy, shout at me and ask me anything you want!

My Favorites

  • All things white & linen
  • Fresh cut peonies
  • Sweet tea & Jesus
  • A cozy farmhouse
  • Old-fashioned doughnuts
  • Pandora + Adelle radio
  • Outdoor dinner parties
  • Candle sticks + twinkle lights
  • All things dark chocolate
  • My traveling boots 
  • White barns + old churches
  • Cool morning walks
  • Christmastime

My Philosophy These moments in life with our children are fleeting. They grow so fast! It is so important to capture these moments and document them. My passion is to capture your family in this brief moment in time, so that you can remember it always just as you were. The chubby cheeks, the playful spirits, the toothless smiles. Your families portraits will become heirlooms, treasured for generations.
The Experience With me, you get more than just beautiful pictures, you get an entire experience! You will be involved in every detail of the planning to make sure that your session is designed perfectly for you. The fun begins when you get to pick out your favorite images & heirloom products at your big reveal!

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